Franklin D. Roosevelt : The Best President The United States

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Meeka Diaz
December 17, 2016
AP GOV, P. 3
Franklin D. Roosevelt was the best president the United States has seen since the death of William McKinley. FDR was elected to four terms as president and was able to achieve great things in each one. Ultimately Roosevelt was able to patch up and renew many of the hardships handed down to him from President Herbert Hoover 's administration, as well as managing America 's involvement in World War II.
Franklin D. Roosevelt grew up a privileged life. He was educated by tutors and governesses until he was 14, until he started to attend the Groton School for boys. He then attended Harvard and later Columbia Law School. Roosevelt was raised looking up to his cousin Theodore Roosevelt, …show more content…

Overall, the people of America were not impressed with Hoover 's presidency, which proved to give Franklin D. Roosevelt a huge upper hand in the election of 1932. Roosevelt entered the election winning. At this point, Roosevelt 's campaign was able to propel itself on promising to be nothing like his opponent, Herbert Hoover. FDR proposed that the American public could combat the depression by working together, and giving as much government aid to the public as possible. FDR’s basic platform addressed a lot of domestic issues, being that the country was undergoing the Great Depression, this appealed to a lot of people who were feeling the effects of it. Roosevelt proposed controlling the national debt, funded by “a system of taxation levied on the principle ability to pay”. Also, he was an advocate of giving federal credit to the states in order for them to provide unemployment relief for their state specific to the problem. FDR also proposed the restoration of agriculture, the prevention of monopolies and to build up a strong army and Navy. On the basis of foreign policy, during the 1932 election FDR had in mind something that could never happen. He proposed that the U.S. keep peace with all other countries, settle all international disputes without violence and never interfere with internal affairs of other nations. FDR won by a landslide, with 472 Electoral College votes, while his opponent, Herbert

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