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Fraternity means A fraternity (Latin frater : "brother") is a brotherhood, although the term sometimes connotes a distinct or formal organization and sometimes a secret society. A fraternity (orfraternal organization) is an organized society of men associated together in an environment of companionship and brotherhood dedicated to the intellectual, physical, moral, religious, and/or social development of its members. History of Fraternity There are known fraternal organizations which existed as far back as ancient Greece and in the Mithraic Mysteries of ancient Rome. Analogous institutions developed in the latemedieval period called confraternities, which were lay organizations allied to the Catholic Church. Some were groups of men…show more content…
These traditions include academic fencingduels with sharp blades while wearing only eye and neck protection, or regular hunting events, as can be seen in examples such asCorps Hubertia Freiburg, Corps Palatia Munich, Corps Rhenania Heidelberg, or Corps Altsachsen Dresden. At Swedish universities, especially those of Uppsala and Lund, students have organized in nations since the 16th century. These organisations are open to all students who wish to join. Parallel to the nations both Uppsala and Lund play host to a large number of university related secret societies, for both students and older academics. In September 2014, Wesleyan University in Connecticut ordered all fraternities with on-campus housing to become co-educational within the next three

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