Frederick Douglass Slavery

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The Mental and Physical Impact of Slavery Through the Words of Frederick Douglass
Frederick Douglass's “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave” analyzes the mental and physical hardships that African-Americans faced in the 1800s during slavery. Douglass exposes his life in a way that makes a constraining argument against slavery by presenting the details of the graphic beatings and barbaric cruelty of the slave owners. However, another compelling argument is how the slaveholders contained their slaves through mindgames speaks, which had an effect on both slave and slaveholder. Although slaveholders used their superiority to manipulate the slaves intellects through violence, factors such as illiteracy and mental
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Their ability to read and write was denied by their slave owners in order hypnotize the slaves that they are meant to only work the fields. The slaves were expected to endure hard labor all day and remain unaware of the freedom around them from birth. Douglass states the setbacks he faced in trying to enhance his knowledge by writing, "...We were trying to learn how to read the will of God; for they had much rather see us engaged in those degrading sports, than to see us behaving like intellectual, moral, and accountable beings" (89). The slaveholders would rather have the slaves be involved in inhumane activities than read the bible which was their own faith. The slaves were not only in captivity physically, but also mentally through the lack of knowledge learned because the only freedom they experienced was occasional revelry. As Douglass himself learned to read, he became aware of how he no longer had the mindset he once retained as a slave, which enabled him to recognize the injustices of the American government. Douglass’s insight was what the slave owners did not want to occur amongst their slaves because it would lead to a massive rebellion.
Slave owners were able to manipulate and mesmerize slaves that their system of slavery was the only way of living . From the time slave children were able to handle labor they were required to work. They grew used to a life of small rations while working long hours and living uncomfortably. Douglass says of
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