Free Choice Of The Will By David Foster Wallace

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Human beings have free will to make choices in life. Life is filled with decisions, that we make every day rather we are aware of them or not. Decisions are much harder than just choosing from right and wrong, because both choices have consequences we desire and other consequences that we are not aware of and may not want to face. We must choose what desires we focus on and choose what we worship. Augustine in the book On Free Choice of the Will, writes about the different types of goods and how are decisions are based on desire of those goods. David Foster Wallace also focuses on our decisions being based on what we worship in the “Kenyon College Commencement Address”. A fulfilling and happy life is only achieved by making the right decisions, which is achieved by putting a priority on the right desires. Augustine in the book On Free Choice of the Will, talks about two different types of goods. Augustine states that “it is clear that some human beings love eternal things while others love temporal things” (Augustine 24). Eternal things are lasting goods that can be held onto simply by wanting to hold on to them. Temporal goods cannot be maintained simply by desire. Examples of eternal goods is prudence, fortitude, temperance, and justice. These eternal goods are goods that “cannot be stolen or taken away from against their will. Can we doubt that they will resist everything that is inimical” (Augustine 20). Eternal goods order the soul and allows the soul to resist
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