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At some point in a person’s life they were loved. Whether you know it or not someone has loved or still loves you now. “What is love?” seems to be a lust for understanding throughout our common lives. As stated on Wikipedia Free Internet Encyclopedia, love is a variety of different emotions, states, and attitudes that range from interpersonal affection. Love is spread in limitless ways. I see love as being demonstrated through distinct affection for someone or something. For instance, there are two diverse loves I display. There is a “mother’s love” displayed towards my daughter and “romantic love” displayed for my fiancé. Through my personal perception, when mothers’ initially find out they are expecting, they are overwhelmed with a joy. A mother’s love grows as her child develops within her. A mother’s love is a devoted feeling of compassion towards her child. From the moment my daughter was born, and my eyes first set upon her, I knew from that day fourth I had to protect, teach, and love her unconditionally. My love for my daughter transformed into guidance devoted into teaching her to grow up learning to cherish and adore all as I do her. As my daughter continues to grow, I am constantly learning and understanding the desire of what my love for her will become. Growing strength of a loving a mother reveals the devoted time of not only providing guidance throughout our journey together but with also embellishing a sense of tenacious structure upon her. A mother’s

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