Free Marriage : Can It Save Your Marriage?

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Table of contents
Counselling: can it save your marriage?
Understanding your partner’s emotional needs
Working together to save your marriage
Chapter 1: Communication
Constructive communication
Conflict resolution strategies
Positive talk and actions
Forgive and be forgiven
Chapter 2: Overcoming problems
Recovery from an affair
Dealing with financial stress
Analyse your anger
Creating harmony in your relationship
Your relationship and your responsibilities: finding balance
Making second chances work: recovering from past relationships
Eliminating outside interference
Chapter 3: Reconnect
Reduce tension
Rebuilding mutual respect
The importance of having fun
Share goals and your vision for …show more content…

When should couples consult a counsellor?
Researchers have found that the primary problems experienced by couples are loss of connection and high levels of conflict. Counsellors agree that the sooner problems are attended to, the better. On average, most couples will have experienced problems for 6 years before considering counselling as an option. A quicker response time would reduce the amount of behavioural habituation that needs to be overcome.

How does it work?
The goal of counselling is not to present ready-made solutions, but to equip the couple with the tools they need to overcome their problems. The therapist interviews the couple together and sometimes requests individual interviews, then gives feedback. During a counselling program, couples should begin to notice minor but significant positive changes on a day to day basis. The basis of this success is mutual learning about and accommodation of each other’s perspectives.
Professional counsellors won’t take sides, will respect both partners and will strive for a calm atmosphere in which each participant has an opportunity to speak and air their views.
Sometimes one of the marriage partners is unwilling to undergo couples counselling, but the remaining partner can still benefit from relationship counselling and in time, persuade their

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