Free : Should Public College Should Be Free?

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Public Colleges Should be Free Should college be free in America? Even though many people have different opinions and strong arguments on the matter, this question needs a lot more than a simple yes or no answer. It deserves a balanced exploration of the potential benefits, drawbacks, and alternatives. However, many researches show that education should be free because it would bring a lot more high benefits to every individual who would take advantage of it, and even to the entire nation, than having education to be paid. Free college would help reaching the American dream, students would be motivated to finish and graduate from college and have a better future and better generations.
Free college would benefit the United States. Today’s jobs are knowledge-based or require advanced technical skills, so better-education workforce would help fill many of the skills gaps that prevent America’s economy from growing. Education is one of the biggest factors that would determine the nation’s fate going forward, but college affordability is often among the top concerns. According to Tyler Kingkade, a reporter, most americans say they can't afford public colleges, “ Americans said they don't think public colleges, traditionally considered a lower-cost option for families, are affordable” (Kingkade). When the cost of college and universities are too high, a lot of students tend to choose not to pursue a higher education. High cost tuition leaves some college graduates with high

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