Free Trade vs Protectionism Essay

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Question one 1.1 identify all stakeholders 2 1.2 Unitarian perspective 3 1.3 Maxim of duties 1.4 clashes of rights 4 1.5 an alternative ethical approach

Question two * introduction 5 * corporate social responsibility * definition of corporate social responsibility * Company profile * RBS social policy
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This case obviously targets a utilitarian perspective. Such an analysis focus on harms and benefits induced by a certain decision. In this case, the decision is to whether to change the banking regulation system from risky bonus driven system to conservative more regulated institution. A Possible list could look like the following: Stakeholders and what they want | harm | Benefit | Banks-they want to have access to their retail operations financed their more riskier investment operation | This reform will effectively remove the implicit state guarantee standing behind investment banks will increase their cost of borrowing. | A good banking system is one that is useful and secure; as well as economically, socially and environmentally fit for purpose. | Government in the UK.-The government wants to find a solution for the banks, because currently regulation can't prevent future banking failure. | Bank bosses are suggesting the split could wipe 0.3% of gross domestic product at a time when economic growth looks increasingly fragile. | This reform will make it easier for government and less costly to resolve banks that get into trouble. | Businesses-availability of low interest short-term and long-term loans. | The banking reforms will make banks expensive for individuals and small businesses to use banking facilities. Because banks will allocate the expenses incurred to the end customer.