Freedom Writers Analysis

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The Freedom Writers is a movie directed by Richard LaGravenese that showed a teacher who used her position as a way to improve the lives of students who did not particularly have the best opportunities (Plot Summary). In the film, Mrs. Gruwell acts as a mentor to a group of actors that portrayed troublesome lives and issues at home. From daily fights between friend groups at school to drive-by shootings within gangs, the kids have seen it all. Mrs. Gruwell focuses on these hardships that the students face and uses them as a way to create coursework that is relatable to the lives of the students while promoting a safe learning environment. Not only did she create an interesting way for the kids to learn inside of the classroom, but she also went out of her way to enforce principles that were from outside sources. For example: Mrs. Gruwell created a lesson plan that involved her students writing letter to the woman who hid Anne Frank during the Holocaust, Miep Gies. After students had written their letters, Mrs. Gruwell was able to find and transport Mrs. Gies to the school in order to have an in-person interaction between her and the students. This proved to be one of the most impressive parts of Mrs. Gruwell’s career because the students were able to meet someone that they truly expressed gratitude towards. In a similar way, Mrs. Gruwell acted as a figure that the students were able to look up to and place trust in. Mrs. Gruwell was more than just a teacher to these kids;

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