Freedom of Speech

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There are responsibilities that should be recognized that correlate with the freedom of speech. At what point does one’s words, written or spoken, become inappropriate? Should Americans be held accountable for the things that they might say or write? Should there be consequences for publishing or broadcasting information that is not correct? How are Americans suppose to differentiate what should and should not be deemed common knowledge, or privileged information? These issues are an important aspect of being American. When examining freedom of speech, Americans should be aware of how speech, verbal or written, affects the unity of our nation, government policy and public safety. The very core of America is based on freedom. The pilgrims left Europe because of religious persecution, and inability to practice or say what they believed. The United States of America was founded in a great part due to the idea that the states would be able to be created according to what different groups of people believed to be right. The greatest example of this is the difference in free states and slave states. The northern states had great economic prosperity based on farming and shipping. The southern states used slaves to become prosperous in farming and exporting goods to other countries. Together, the north and south were able to prosper, as a nation, because the states had common business interests, however, there was…

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