Freesia: A Narrative Fiction Essay example

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Music floated through the brisk cold air from the open window of the music school looking over the peaceful lake where families and young lovers basked in the morning gentle rays. The spring flowers, which were gently swaying in the breeze as their petals reached toward the sky while enamoring the hearts of poets and painters alike and the flowers blushed at the attention they received from the young children who’s greedy hands yearned to clutch the colorful beings in their dirty little hands, only to have their mothers and nurse maids smack their hands away. The trees bend, rustled, and sung to all around them as they attempted to tempt people to rest beneath them, though their longing would have to wait till the summer sun began her…show more content…
Slowly she dragged herself and her heavy skirts to the house, and soon was ushered into a room full of judgmental, and hypocritical stares. Brushing a wayward lock away from her face, she hurried to a corner to hide from her guardians view, and any he would find to be suitable match. Removing a glove as she sat at the window set, she scratched at the paint that had dried to her hand. Flecks of spring colors scattered upon her skirt, and ground. Swiftly she began to brush them away and slipped the gloves on when she spotted a old lady watching her in amusement. Blessedly it was only Lady Cosmos, who was know for her disgust toward gossip. A quick scan of the oversized pallor revealed most were being amused by Lord Rhododendron. The artist detested Rhododendron. “ Freesia, come join the rest of us!” Daisy said, as she grasped Freesia's hand. Daisy's sweet maple curls bounced as she gently tugged her friends toward the rest of the company. Freesia plastered on a smile as Lord Rhododendron cast his slimy stare towards her. His smile caused her stomach to churn. “How about a few turns about the dance floor?” Freesia's guardian suggested as his eyes slyly bounced from his ward to Lord Rhododendron. A sickening feeling slithered down Freesai's spine, and she pulled at the collar about her throat again. She knew that the latest Lord her guardian had set his eye upon for her was the infamous Lord
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