Inspired By The Song 'Poor Thing' By Stephen Sondheim

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The Masquerade Inspired by the song Poor Thing by Stephen Sondheim There was a barber and his wife, And he was beautiful. A proper artist with a knife. But they transported him for life. And he was beautiful. Holding her baby, Joanna, closely to her, Lucy paced around what had once been her husband's barber shop, but was now nothing more than a tormenting reminder of her harrowing past. He had this wife, you see. Pretty little thing. Silly little nit. Had her chance for the moon on a string - Poor thing. Poor thing. The floor was littered with dozens of dead and dying bouquets that had been thrown there and forgotten. With strained tears clouding her blue eyes, Lucy moved slowly towards the window and gazed down at the London streets below. …show more content…

The Judge had inexplicably vanished, however the Beadle stood waiting with his arm outstretched. The Beadle calls on her, all polite, Poor thing, poor thing. The Judge, he tells her, is all contrite, He blames himself for her dreadful plight. She must come straight to his house tonight! Poor thing, poor thing. Dejectedly, Lucy walked towards the Beadle. There were no longer tears in her eyes, but it couldn't of been clearer that she wished she was anywhere but there. With one last glance at the shop, Lucy allowed the Beadle to lead her along an exclusive street of dark, stone mansions. They were grand, but somehow menacing. In time they reached what was undoubtedly the grandest and most menacing mansion in the entire city, Judge Turpin's. The Beadle ushered Lucy inside, Lucy was not keen on entering the house of the Judge. Of course, when she goes there, Poor thing, poor thing. They're having this ball all in masks. Dozens of masked couples swirled around the ballroom, their numbers sinisterly multiplied by the distorting mirrors that framed the room. The hanging chandeliers were draped …show more content…

Scared and lost, Lucy wandered through the swirling dancers who instantly began to buffet her, causing her to become flummoxed. There's no one she knows there, Poor dear, poor thing. She wanders tormented, and drinks, Poor thing. The Judge has repented, she thinks. Poor thing. “Oh, where is Judge Turpin?” she asks. After several minutes the Beadle located Lucy again, graciously gives her his arm and began leading her through the party. Thankful for the Beadle's salvation, Lucy follows him willingly. The Beadle led Lucy straight to Judge Turpin. The Judge beckoned Lucy to have a seat on his settee. With copious acquiesce, she sat. Without warning the Judge descended on Lucy. The other guests crowded ravenously around Lucy and the Judge, enjoying the spectacle. He was there, all right - Only not so contrite! She wasn’t no match for such craft, you see, And everyone thought it so droll. They figured she had to be daft, you see.

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