Freud 's Theory Of Psychosexual Development

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It all Starts at Birth
Ever wonder if your child is on the right track? In life, people see development in different ways. From birth to death, the developmental process is very complex. There are many theorists who have researched what a person goes through and their behavior. They have established a set of guidelines and stages that a person should go through or be doing at certain times throughout life. Thus, this paper will aim to discuss the three main theories of development; Freud’s theory, Erikson’s theory, and Piaget’s theory. Sigmund Freud is the one who has wrote a theory of psychosexual development. Freud’s theory consist of a set of stages from birth until adulthood. He feels that is any of his stages are not met that there …show more content…

“Like Freud, Erikson assumes that a crisis occurs at each stage of development” (McLeod, 2008). The first cycle of his theory is Trust vs. Mistrust, and occurs in ages from birth to 18 months. In this time, the infant learns who the primary caregiver is. In this time, they also begin to trust the caregiver, if they provide everything that the infant needs. When this stage is successful, it will lead in the development of hope for the child. If this time is not successful, the infant will have a sense of distrust. The second stage that the child will go through is from 18 months until three years old. This cycle is called Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt, and in the cycle children begin being able to show their independence by walking or playing. If the child is surrounded by much encouragement they become more confident in the things that they do. If they are controlled, and critiqued they start becoming to feel a sense of shame or doubt regarding the things that they can do. The third period is from ages three to five, and is named Initiative vs. Guilt. In this point of the child’s life, play is a major aspect. Children begin to become creative by planning activities that would like to do, and make up games to play with other children. If the child is able to do such things, the child will develop a sense of initiative and they will feel secure in their environment, and their selves. If this period is

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