Friday Morning, With Halloween Weekend

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Monday morning , with Halloween weekend approaching. Henry awakes Mr. Lambert while trying to fix him a small breakfast quietly. “ Goddamn it boy , keep it down.” He wasn 't a drunk , but sounded like it sometimes .He worked so hard at night he would most of the time fall asleep on the sofa in his work clothes . Henry was about to walk out the door before being stopped by his half awaken dad . “ How come I don 't see you around before I leave for work?” “ Your not doing drugs are you boy?” “ No sir , just hanging with friends , trying to have fun before I start college and work.” Mr. Lambert gets up placing his hand on Henry 's shoulder. “ Just remember , as long as you don 't get into any trouble and make something out of life , I will be proud of you.” “ Your mom I know is already proud of you.” They both began to cry , hugging each other. “ I think she is proud of you to dad.” “ Yeah well , I sometimes think I can do better , but I always try my best.” Henry grabbed his bag , driving away in his blue Pontiac . He picked up the rest of the gang , Colleen was in a panic “ Did y 'all see the breaking news this morning?” “ A girl is missing ,from our school , I think her name is Shelly?” Henry takes a deep breath . “ So it starts , now we really need to be careful.” They were in deep throught quietly on the way to school . Erika was still at home resting , but expected back soon . Henry parked in the student section , everybody quiet . “ Just remember , me and Colleen are

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