Twins By Coraline B. Clooney

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This book is called "Twins", it was written by Coraline B. Clooney. Caroline is an America author ho has written suspense, horror, romance, and mystery themed books. The book is about a girl named Mary lee, she is the twin sister of Madrigal. Before college, their parents decide to send Mary Lee away to boarding school. Mary Lee expects her sister would be on her side, and help her stop their parents from sending Mary Lee away, but instead, Madrigal agreed to the ides. In boarding school, it was hard for Mary Lee to make friends, while back at home her sister, Madrigal, is getting more beautiful, more popular, and got a boyfriend. Mary wishes that she could live her sisters life.
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This book is supposed
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One day Mary Lee, Madrigal, and their friends went skiing, Madrigal was dressed up nicely, and Mary Lee was wearing an all blue hideous ski suit. Madrigal thought it was a good idea to change ski suits with Mary Lee and pretend to be each other. Their friends couldn't recognize which one was Mary Lee or Madrigal. Mary Lee (as Madrigal) was loved by the students, and Madrigal (as Mary Lee) was alone in the ski lift, until an accident happens. The lift breaks and Madrigal falls to her death, but because of the outfit, the students think it's Mary Lee. Mary Lee tries to tell everyone who she really is, but they think she's just in shock, even her parents, so she pretends to be her sister because she had a better life. In school, Mary Lee realizes that her sister didn’t have the great life she thought she had. Student's were afraid of her, even her friends Scarlett and Van, because they thought she was Madrigal, so she ends up spending her time with her sister's boyfriend, John Pear. John Pear planned on taking Mary Lee somewhere that night, on the way to the place, they picked up a girl named Katy. When they arrived Mary Lee noticed that the neighborhood was…show more content…
John Pear asked Katy to sit on the front seat with Mary Lee, Katy refused at first because she was scared that if she gets out of the car, John Pear might drive away and leave her alone. After John Pear told Katy that he wont do what she's afraid of, Katy finally left the car, but right after she closed the door, John Pear locked the door and drove away. Mary Lee begged for John pear to stop but John Pear didn't. Mary Lee later found out that this is what Madrigal did to be entertained, John Pear and Madrigal would drive a person to the neighborhood, lock them out, and would watch them suffer. Mary Lee also found out that John Pear and Madrigal did the same thing to Scarlett, that's why she was afraid of her. The next day was their "Winter Sleigh Day" which is like a winter carnival. During the winter carnival the teenagers were
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