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If you ever want a good feeling session, look for friendship quotes online. I've spent days looking for friendship quotes and I can tell you that it's clear that everyone values their real friendships in a big way. Most people can't talk about their real friends without tearing up or getting a little emotional. Following are 10 friendship quotes that make it clear how important friendships really are.

1. Friends Become Family

We've become brothers. - Jared Padalecki on his friendship with Jensen Ackles

Friends that spend a lot of time with and share a lot with become family over time. It's a fact.

I consider my closest friend my sister. We've been friends for 30 years.

I can say with certainty that after years of going through ups and downs together, supporting each other, and feeling each other's victories and pain, you develop a bond that can be as tight - and sometimes tighter - than with family.

2. Your Romantic Partner Should Be Your Friend In The Beginning And Throughout The Relationship

Does your marriage include friendship? Never lose the foundation. Take a weekly date, be playful, romantic & fun! Your kids will thank you! - Ari Sytner

I've known many people who don't consider their husband or wife or significant other their friend anymore. They may start out being friends. They may start out acting like friends. But once they settle into the relationship, that friendship goes away.

They consider them their lover. Someone they share their life with, sleep

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