Friendship : The Four Characteristics Of True Friendships

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As we go through life, we encounter many people on a day-to-day-basis. Over time, those encounters form relationships, typically friendships. While we may have many friends, we may only have a few true friends. When the term “true friend” is mentioned, certain people may come to mind. But what exactly defines a true friend? True friendship can be classified by four main characteristics: similar interests, good influence, common values, and commitment to happiness. Similar interests can cause initial interaction and provide a common ground for people. By acquiring or possessing a similar interest with someone, you have provided yourself with common ground with another person. This common ground that you now share with the other person …show more content…

Similar to common interests, common values create an emotional tie between the two parties. When the two have similar values, they can sympathize with the other, which creates that emotional tie. However, if the opinions of both parties are drastically different on a majority of topics, it becomes difficult for true friendship to flourish. When both parties hold opposing values to the other, arguments could ensue and lead to a toxic friendship. A key characteristic that defines a true friend is if they are a good influence. True friends typically provide balance to one another, pushing one another to reach their full potentials and not succumb to imperative influences. When balance is created between true friends, both parties benefit from this mutual positive influence. One example from my personal life is my relationship with my best friend. Both myself and my best friend are good influences on one another, as we bring out the best in each other and push one another to reach our full potentials. As true friends, we act as positive influences on one another to push forward and to reach our full potential, even if the situation we are in is difficult and troublesome. Not only do we act as good influences on one another, helping the other become a model person, but we act as positive influences on each other, acting for the happiness and good of the other person. Most importantly, mutual commitment

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