From Night Analysis

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From Night “From Night” is a story told from a young Jewish boy's perspective, in Germany during the Holocaust. The young Elie shows us very in depth and detailed story of the events happening at the camp. Through this perspective we get a better look at how the Germans treated the Jews with such intolerance and prejudice. Although this story helps us see into to times of such events, the reader can’t help but to feel for the poor boy.
Elie reflect those who have been through the Holocaust and are still alive today sharing their stories tell all the pain and suffering they were forced to go through. In the beginning of the story we meet Elie, a little jewish boy on his way to an unknown destination with his family and others. Elie feels …show more content…

“ A lorry drew up at the pit and delivered its load-little children. Babies! Yes I saw it-saw it with my own eyes...those children in flames.”(pg.12) Once he sees this he begins to question everything he has ever known and grown up with. One of the biggest problems he begins to deal in the aspect of his psyche is the fact that he begins to question his belief in God because how could God allow such innocent people to suffer through this hell. “Why should I bless his name.”(pg.13) This shows that the problems of the Nazi’s intolerance towards the Jewish people not only doesn’t get resolved in the story, it begins to get increasingly worse making Elie give up all on hope.
As you can see this is a story of much intolerance and hatred put against the jewish people. Elie starts this story as an innocent child who remains hopefull in the unkowns of the situation that he is put in. Later on we see him slowly lose both his family and his hope in the story. This makes the story a very accurate representation of the times of when Nazi germany was at its height from how the Jewish people felt during their imprisonment to how the officers would treat

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