Fruitville Road Case Study

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IV-1903(e)(2) Other “nongovernment” uses.

a. Granting the adjustment will equally or better meet the purpose of the regulation to be adjusted;

Response: According to Findings of Fact, Fruitville Road was historically aligned with First Street until the 1980’s. At the stated time, the State of Florida enacted a six-lane widening which initiated realignment of Fruitville causing it to converge with the former Third Street that was located west of Lime Avenue. During this transition, the State of Florida initiated eminent domain action, which removed a triangular portion of the subject parcel on its north end, which left the remaining site at an angle. The resulting lot configuration was left oddly shaped, which makes conventional standards difficult to meet. In addition to the oddly shape lot, the City Arborist has identified large oak trees that must be preserved. In complying with the minimum setback requirements, the trees identified will have to be removed.

b. The proposal will not significantly detract from the livability or appearance of the downtown neighborhood zone district or the proposal will be consistent with the desired character of the Downtown Neighborhood Edge, …show more content…

Therefore, the request of relief for the setback will grant flexibility while also maintaining consistency with the overall purpose. The existing development along Fruitville Road has a peculiar mixture of building setbacks, which the requested adjustment will be consistent. As proposed Building E will comply with the maximum five-foot setback required at its northeastern corner. However, the buildings must be set back a maximum distance of 22.73 feet on the western end in order to maintain its shape. This will allow reason of such setback request in means of protecting and preserving exists large oak

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