Fst 220 Final Project

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This is my last project for FST 220: 3D Computer Graphics. I made a Toy monkey based off of the one in Toy Story 3. This project involved the use of box modeling and texturing. I started with a cube and formed the torso until it matched with the reference pictures. After I made the torso, I extruded faces to make the arms and legs. For the fingers and toes, I used the Insert Edge Loop tool to make more faces and extruded them individually. The head was extruded and vertices moved to make the shape of the head and ears. The eyes and cymbals were modeled separately. For the textures, I applied a cloth material on the torso of the body as well as the pants. The arms, head, and feet have a noise material on them, while the face is a standard Blinn material. Part of the assignment was to make a scene with your project with a background and other objects in the scene. I decided to make a scene where the toy monkey is placed with other toys.…show more content…
Modeling is one thing I could improve on with this project. The head is shaped to proportion, but I could add more depth to it. I could add more details in the face so it could look more realistic. I could also model the ears so that they could be more connected to the head. Another detail I could improve on with this toy monkey is modeling the eyes with the head, instead of making separate eyes. Texturing the toy monkey can also be improved. When I made the object, I added a hypershade to each face of the object. I would improve on this by making a UV layout and placing a textured image on it to create a “fur” like appearance. I could also make a bump map so that it creates an illusion of fur on the monkey. I would also re-texture the pants so instead of a checker style pattern, it would have a red stripe pattern and also have fabric material. The overall look of the monkey would be more realistic if I made these improvements because then the monkey wouldn’t look so blocky, and
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