Fued between Families in Shakespeare´s Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Two households, both alike in dignity, /In fair Verona, where we lay our scene, /From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, /Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean (Prologue, 1-4). recalls Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. As in this example, dignity doesn’t affect or end the feud between two families. In the article named “Families of blood feud victims cry out” which published in Turkish Daily News in April 9, 2008, there are two families which has a blood feud going around. Ikilik family protected another family which was the enemy of the other family which Ikilik’s had controversy between. In my further research, I also found that Ikilik family kidnaped a girl from the other family. After this event Ikilik family moved to Mersin from …show more content…

These dissensions harm the other civil hands and the society, which those families live. In some small villages these family feuds cause quarrels and fighting between families and the people in the village also affects from this. Their economy and life styles changes according to these because sometime these families can charge them money to not to kill them or fear them. This kind of threats changes people life styles dreadfully. I strongly believe that, this article can make the reader revise their ideas about vendetta because family quarrels are more bloody, horrible and devastating than we know for the other people, kids and teenagers around the household.
Understanding a problem is a halfway to solve it so, understanding the article is very important. This article is an article very easy to understand and evaluate but I think there were some missing information. For example, reader might want to know the inciting incident of this altercation more detailed to understand the whole problem. Also these two families economic situations can be helpful to reader when evaluating the article. As an entire article it was clear and comprehensible for the reader. To understand the issue better,

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