Fuel Cell Essay

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In the past two years over 35% cost reduction has been noticed on fuel cell fabrication, the current figure of $61/kw for transportation fuel cell is above 50% than the goal of the US department of Energy, i.e.$30/Kw by the year 2015, in order to complete with the conventional technology of internal combustion engines. Previous review mostly focus on one field that is a specific fuel cell application or a particular field of fuel cell research. The objective of this paper is divided into three folds: 1. The latest status of PEM fuel cell technology development and applications in transportation, stationary. 2. Portable micro power generation sectors with the state-of-art and most recent technical progress; to portray the need for …show more content…

The membrane electrode assembly is the core component of a fuel cell. Membrane electrode assembly is composed of polymer electrolyte membrane, catalyst layers and the layers on outer surface is shown in figure. They are two methods for catalyst layer for MEA fabrication. One method is to combine catalyst layer and gas diffusion layer that forms an electrode. Another is coating layer which is referred as catalyst coated membranes. The CCM is stuffed between 2 GDL’s. A MEA made of electrode and a polymer membrane has five Layer configuration and it’s known as five layer MEA. It can be installed as an integrated component. The CCM which is 3-layer can be used as an attachment for the GDL’s 5-layer configuration for installation. Carbon micro-porous layer is used for this application. When a fuel and oxidant are applied on anode and cathode side of the catalysts the electrochemical reactions is conducted. Membrane electrode assemblies is typically based on manufacturing and quality control. They have developed a useful product which is not matched by others, and which gives customer satisfaction which they had expected. The fuel cell electrode is thin, catalyst layer where electrochemical reaction is taking place. The electrodes is usually made up of carbon supported platinum and ionomer. The catalyst particles have to be in touch with protonic

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