Funding, Sponsoring And The Risk Of Ad

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Evaluation Purpose The purpose of this evaluation to determine the effectiveness of the program “Walk to End Alzheimer’s” to reduce the risk of AD. This evaluation will also help determine the funding needs of “Walk to End Alzheimer’s” program. After evaluating the program, the outcomes should be achieved and the program will have solutions to their problems. Focus of Evaluation Stakeholders will provide information about funding, sponsoring, enhancing the program. The information will be collected to determine the effectiveness of the outcomes. Most of the information will come from surveys, documents, interviews, and census data. Surveys are not as reliable as interviews, but it is faster and cheaper to understand the people…show more content…
This kind of information can help the stakeholders of the program make the right decisions. Stakeholders will understand what they would need to fund their program and what resources are needed to raise awareness and accelerate the process of researching the disease. Stakeholder Needs These stakeholders will be using the findings in different ways and for different purposes. Understanding the role of the stakeholders is important because they would be providing support, participate in collecting data, help to interpret findings, and fund the program. The table below summarizes the stakeholders of this evaluation, what information they need or would like to collect from the evaluation, and how they plan to use the information to achieve their goals of the program. Stakeholders Need/Want to Know Uses Credibility Researchers • What resources are needed to conduct more research studies on Alzheimer’s disease • Determine what needs to be funded for research studies • Research • Focus Groups • Surveys Volunteers/Donors • How to raise awareness on AD • How to recruit more volunteers and donors • Determine who can be involved with the program in different ways (donate only, walk only, sponsor, etc.) • Determine funding for the walk and education • Checklist • Surveys Advocates/Sponsors • How to improve the awareness and education • Determine educational events, support groups, and • Surveys Healthcare Professionals • Clinical outcomes • Adjust
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