Funeral Oration was a Great Speech Delivered to Honor Soldiers by Pericles

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All of us understand that as one of the greatest politician in the history, Pericles is on behalf of slave owners, the middle and lower people. Therefore, he attaches great importance to the value of people. Funeral Oration is a famous speech delivered by Pericles to honor the dead soldiers during the war against Sparta. In the speech, Pericles talks about the lives of the ancestors of the deceased and the deceased themselves. However, he seems to undermine the speech and urge that deeds are more significant than a mere speech. In addition, at the end, Pericles is not sure whether he has conveyed the speech in the right way. There are three reasons for Pericles to say that deeds are more important than speech at the beginning of the Funeral Oration. The first reason for his argument is the political system of Athens at that time is a democratic one which emphasizes the rights to rule the country should belong to the majority of citizens, not just a small group. In this sense, these soldiers died for their country to win the battle so they deserve something more important than just some empty word. He also believes that speech is just mere words that the law of the country emphasized on and had no importance to the deceased or the ancestors of the deceased. The second reason for his argument is that Pericles wants to show people that the political system in Athens is not only equal to everyone but also rewarding if you do something good for your country. Through this,

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