Future Vendors Memo

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The purpose of this memo is to state the criteria for any future vendors.

There are several crucial elements a vendor must have to pursue a relationship with our company. By becoming a vendor the business is essentially joining forces with us and becoming a reflection of our services. Therefore, it is important for our company to have a selection criteria process. We do not discriminate between race, gender or sexual preferences. With this being said, any vendor we chose to do business with must meet the following criteria.

First and Foremost, the vendor must have excellent customer service. Whether this is over the phone or directly in person. Customers are what make a business succeed or fail. If the vendor is bringing in product
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Our company believes in finding vendors who have a solid reputation and can be trusted. We want to know that we can rely on the business to fulfill our agreement and provide our products on time. Therefore, we need to see at least 3 to 5 reliable references.

Last but not least, the vendor must be flexible and quick to react to any last-minute changes. If we need more products or have any problems we need to know that it will not be an issue. This is a fast pace business and anything can through us off. It is important to know that you are on top of your game.

According to, it is important to have a back of plan if a vendor falls through. Therefore we will be constantly evaluating our vendors and a person will be responsible for reviewing the different vendors. If the vendor is not meeting our terms and conditions we will take action. We hope that it does not come to that.

A company we would like to use as an example is our competitor Home depot. Home depot shares some of the same criteria as we do. For one, customer service is also their number one criteria. Like us they want to offer the best customer service and that involves their vendors. Another criteria they have the company must set themselves apart from other suppliers. In addition, Home depot is looking to have
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