Gage Rucker Narrative

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Gage Rucker, my little brother the newest addition to the family. Gage Rucker is nine and has brown eyes and hair. He is about four foot five. As a toddler he never really was much of a talker, but now he’ll never shut up. Olivia Rucker the only girl of the family, always says how annoying he is, but I couldn't disagree more he is always saying how much of a “Mini Me” he is. There has been some rough times between the brothers though. When Gage was about five he was running up to my room for no apparent reason. I said no,I won't let you in. Gage whines and complains and always says,” Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaase”.Gage swung the door wide open without thinking and knocked over a four week old lego project that I was finishing up on. It was like slow motion in my eyes. I saw my lego master piece fall from the top of the dresser, bouncing off of open dresser drawers, then finally crashing on the floor and shattering. NOOOOOOOO, I yelled but that didn't change a thing. Four freaking weeks of effort and lego structure down the drain! I was mad at Gage for a week, but then accepted that Gage was only five and it was just legos.…show more content…
Small frozen crystals are falling from the sky, everything outside is white, it's winter. Gage, me, and Olivia are outside having fun in the snow on Saturday. Olivia had this great idea to make a giant snowman, so everyone started gathering snow for the bottom, middle, and top part of the snowman. Half an hour passed and they finally had all the body parts gathered up and put in one piece. I rushed at Gage and picked him up and threw him into the giant snowman.With a big crunch the snowman crumbled on top of Gage. There was a silence for about five seconds and then we all broke out in laughter. Gage makes the biggest impression on me because without a little brother I think I would act a lot differently if I didn't have anyone watching me every second of everyday. I think I would be less caring. I wouldn't be the brother/ friend I am
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