Gambling Addiction Rehab Centers Case Study

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Las Vegas and its surrounding area is home to a multitude of casinos which is a perfect revenue source for the county and state. The issue is that Nevada has such a high homeless rate that the state has to deal with through the use of programs and grants. Since a gambling addiction does have a correlation with homelessness as mentioned from the research, there should be an effort to help these people who have an addiction problem. As compared to the abundance of casinos in Las Vegas, there are only two gambling addiction centers in Las Vegas. The large discrepancy between the amount of casinos and gambling addiction rehab centers is a major concern that Las Vegas and the surrounding areas need to address. Some recommendations to
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This would help to diminish the amount of homeless people and help to get them off the streets of Las Vegas because no tourist wants to walk by a homeless person while on a visit to the city.
Within those rehab centers, increase the amount of staff on hand to help with the amounts of people checking into the rehab center. This will help increase the amount of support that the patients receive while in treatment.
Supply more economic funding towards these rehab centers. The funding will help the staff to hire more employees, generate more research for medicine that can help these patients from reverting back to their normal ways.
Reconstruct some of the program’s downsides such as maybe keeping the patients in the rehab center for a longer time if they are not ready to be released. This will help with stabilizing the patient’s state of being, so they don’t just get released back on the streets and fall into the same down spiral as before.
Lower the amount of casinos that are in Las Vegas. This will help to decrease the presence and temptation for the gamblers to continue on gambling, so with less casinos, the homeless don’t have such easy access to these
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