Gamestop Growth Strategy

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Within the video game industry today, GameStop will be a good long-term investment. The evolution of technology has been huge in the industry. Although technology has caught up to GameStop, they have had a few technology strategies to keep them at the top of the industry. However, in the midst of the technology challenges they went away from what made them unique to stay above their competitors In order for GameStop to be a great long term investment they need to uphold what their mission and vision statement says. In 2010, it was predicted that GameStop will end up filing bankruptcy like Blockbuster due to online streaming of the video and game. For a few years it was looking that way as GameStop was steadily declining. With a change in management, …show more content…

They have committed to cultivating innovation within the retail industry and leading the charge in discovering new technology advancements that drive positive customer experiences. There has been many challenges that they have face with technology, yet they have embraced the technology change 2014, GameStop launched GameStop Technology Institute (GTI). This is a new business that focuses on creating affiliations with leading technology corporations and academic institutions to deliver new innovation and technology solutions for today’s consumers. Recently, GameStop has teamed up with Microsoft implementing a beacon technology using a supplier called Shelf Buck. This this an app that uses Bluetooth for customer’s smartphones. If customers are signed up with the app, and are located near a store they will receive information on deals going on in the store. GameStop can know exactly where their customers are and what offers and messages they would be interested in receiving on their smartphone. Their staff has been introduced with tablet devices that alerts them when a customer walks in the store and start a conversation with them if needed using their loyalty customer information. This major innovation was key because consumers use their smartphones for almost everything. GameStop wanted to separate themselves from the competition by not sending ads through mail daily. …show more content…

Not only just stick to what they do but add on with innovations and affiliations like that have been doing. Their originality of the buy-sell-trade concept is what makes them unique and keeps them at the top. That resource will always stay protected because they are the only in-store company to do all three and sell used and new games. Consumers can do all three online, however as previously stated there is a big inconvenience in many ways with doing things online and shipping products. GameStop has established loyalty with customers over the decades that no other competitors can take away. They has seen a bit of a depression once online gaming was introduced, but they seemed to have gotten out of that and look to continue to make their way to the top. GameStop should form more partnerships with companies to maintain leverage in the industry and continue to market their brand. One of their major partners is Microsoft which allow them to sell digital content at retail stores, and be advertised in their ads. It also allows them to migrate their website from a purely e-commerce site to a gaming platform that users can visit to play, learn and purchase games. In order to reach long term goals, CEO, Paul Raines states, “The strategy is to be a multi-channel aggregator for gaming. We want to be the destination for gamers, whether they are getting content via online,

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