Gandhi On Western Civilization : Gandhi 's Response

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Gandhi on Western Civilization Since 1920 Mohandas Gandhi had been at work in India and since then had trail blazed anticolonial conceptions and logistics that reflected over the whole world. Mohandas Gandhi was confronted with settlements of supremacy he became the crusader for non-violent protests. Mohandas Gandhi believed in swaraj, which is the self-government or independence of India. Mohandas Gandhi aspired for his country to transform into a self-rule for citizens to enhance their own assets and to extract from the royal financial system. There were ways for Indian citizens to remove themselves from the sovereign economy by industrial action such as strikes, withhold from paying taxes, or abstain from foreign goods like fabric or cloth, and be clothed in simple, basic material. When a journalist wanted to know the opinion of Mohandas Gandhi on Western Civilization, Mohandas Gandhi replied, “I think it would be a very good idea,” I concur with Mohandas Gandhi’s response. Mohandas Gandhi was a very intelligent man he distinguished the variations with Western Civilization and Eastern Civilization. He saw the destruction in Western Civilization territories were at war with each other over terrains, liberty, and self-government. Mohandas Gandhi considered Western Civilization to be destructive, centrifugal, innately unruly, and had no aspirations. In Eastern Civilization was regarded as productive, centripetal, have intention and purpose. I see how Mohandas Gandhi

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