Gang Crime And Crime

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The phrase “gang crime” does not portray an image of injured children, cries of civilians, tear gas consuming the air, and chaos fled around the eyes of the common man. As developing nations become more independent, one could argue that their crime rate would be decreasing as well. However, gang-related violence has increased as developing countries improve economically, socially, and financially. As a result, their law enforcement system and corruption has increased to win the race of monetary influence. Gang related fixed through the acquisition of monetary influence alone. To minimize the threat of organized gang crime among developing nations, governmental agencies must increase law enforcement and reduce internal corruption.
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The limitation in sustainable law enforcement reduces the likelihood of the complete security of citizens in developing countries. In addition, internal corruption within governments propel organized gang crime. The corruption of Venezuelan governments allows an increasingly corrupt system. In this government, one earns rans by loyalty to a political party ( Global World Report 2013). As gangs earn merits to a particular party, their crimes are accountable for the money they contribute to a certain party. Another example of corruption within a government is the South African government. The use of gangs is often implied to eliminate political opposition. The money that the governments lend gangs increases the amount of crime they can commit. Often policeman are prone to bribery by gangs gained by the corrupt officials in the government. According to Human Rights Watch, a human rights advocacy organization, policeman killed a taxi driver due to bribery: On November 11, a South African judge sentenced eight former policemen to 15 years in prison for the 2013 murder of Mido Macia, a Mozambican taxi driver.
Three months earlier, the Pretoria Three months earlier, the Pretoria High Court had found them guilty of murdering Macia, who died in police custody after being tied up by his arms to a police truck and dragged behind along the tarmac road ( South Africa 2).
South Sudan oozes acts of

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