Gatby : The Theme Of Love In The Great Gatsby

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In these chapters, we learn of Gatsby’s past in poverty and are able to make a connection onto why Daisy didn’t love him back. Gatsby becomes blind to the fact that Daisy would never desert the wealth, status, and background she has to be with him. Gatsby is in denial that Daisy has moved on with her life and doesn't seem to care that she’s married but rather thinks that he can just be with Daisy without any conflict arising. Gatsby creates this fantasy love just as he creates this fantasy life. Gatsby doesn’t love Daisy for her money like Daisy is with Tom. He’s not in love with her because of her social status of being “old money” or because she has more money than Tom, but is in love with what she represents; money and perfection.

Through these past chapters, we learn that Gatsby is concerned with status. Nick tells us that from an early age Gatsby envisioned himself as a son of God, and never really accepted his poor background. There is also the scene when Gatsby explains his true background to Nick, basically hinting that everything he has implied about himself was a lie by saying “I didn’t want you to think I was some nobody” (Fitzgerald 67). From these two parts, we can conclude that Gatsby views himself as somewhat of an extravagant, Godly figure and is extremely concerned with building a credible reputation. We also know that Gatsby doesn’t necessarily care if the persona he puts is completely true or not, as long as others admire it.

However, the scene that is

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