Gay Marriage: Between Man and Woman or Love and Love? Essay

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Many individuals’ idea of the conventional marriage was viewed simply to be a sacred union shared between a male and a female. People who oppose gay marriage believe gay marriage legalization has no positive actions on economic issues. To prove others wrong, one example is that gay marriage made an economic impact in New Jersey that raised $248 million dollars in 3 years by creating about 800 new jobs and added $19 million dollars to government funding. (Vespa-Papaleo) “The Comptroller for New York City found that legalizing gay marriage would bring $142 million to the city’s economy and $184 million to the state’s economy over three years.” (Thompson) Money for a legal marriage license require money that creates a result of higher tax …show more content…

In 2004, Massachusetts was the first state to legalize gay marriage that lead its divorce rate to decline 21% between 2003 and 2008 and have the lowest divorce rate in the country in 2008. (Silver) It is clear that gay couples are very devoted and committed to their significant other that it lowers divorce rates instead of increasing them. Alaska had decided to ban gay marriage in 1998 which raised their divorce rates by 17.2%. (Silver) This article explains that heterosexual couples are more likely to get a divorce compared to homosexual couples due to its statistics. We should consider that allowing gay marriage is a positive idea and and doesn’t do any harm to society but adding productive results. Some people may think the institution of marriage was traditionally defined as between and man and a woman. But on the other hand, others believe the concept of “traditional marriage” being defined as one man and one woman is mistaken. According to the old book of Genesis, it states that marriage is between a man and a woman involving unique reproduction and creating a family to nurture their children. (Peterson) A connection is made as a result of marriages are mostly between men and women who have children and raise them together to build a family. Traditional marriage being defined as man and woman is historically inaccurate. Modern and ancient examples of family arrangement consider heterosexual

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