Gay Marriage Is Not The New Thing

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In the past, gay marriages were seen to be sinful in the moral sense and illegal as for legislation aspect. At present, there is hardly any more contradictory question in the life of any society than gay marriage. Besides, gay marriage is just the part of the wider problem of same-sex marriage while lesbian marriages are also the source of numerous discussions on the different levels of any society in the world. It is included both into the talks of ordinary people and scientific conferences. Different aspects of the problem such as law, moral, ethical, psychological etc. are included into the scientific investigations. The numerous scientific publications on the problem can be found in the scholarly journals and analyzed in the literature review on the topic. Summary. It is reasonable to start investigating the problem with its history to make the research more valid and continue with investigating different aspects of the studied issue. Eskridge (1993) proves that the phenomenon of same-sex marriages is not the new thing, which appeared in the 20th century. It was even approved by different religions. But the main idea of the author is that the first step in legalizing the same-sex marriages should be done by the state. Legalization of non-traditional families with their right to rear children as the decent members of the society is of great importance for the society. It should perceive the freedom of all its members as the inevitable thing. It is important that the
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