Gay Rights In America

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Do you honestly, know the top five hate crimes that happens in society? Well, the main community that many American oppose of is the Gay Community. There has been numerous of stories where Homosexual couples were brutally attacked due to their sexual preference and how they live their life style. Many American who are against Gay rights say that this will affect the society of America. The reason why they feel this way is because they feel it can bring huge financial and emotional stress. Then many Americans feel that their health risk are enormous to themselves and others. Even many Americans feel if Gay marriage begins to expand this means having the morals of the minority forced on the majority. Moreover, gay marriages reduce the number …show more content…

Their argument was homosexual people have the opportunity to sue who are exercising their religious beliefs. The “Carm organization” stated an example which was if a heterosexual couple that has kids refuses to rent their home out to a homosexual couple, then they have every right to sue for discrimination. This can take a toll on any family due to constantly going to court, or having restraints on you and losing some of your income. On “ABC News” they explained a man threw hot boiling water on a Gay couple in an Atlanta Georgia apartment just because they were showing love and affection to one another. The man was in fact the owner of the apartments and was sued for harassment and discrimination to sexual orientation. As a result for that he was arrested for six months and had to do 360 hours of community service for his actions. To sum it all up, this man got what he deserved but he went through a lot of financial and emotional stress …show more content…

In the Crams organization article, the reason why they think the Gay community can have access to the government because they can teach this in the school curriculum. Also then that means you have to offer them jobs just like any other human being but this causes other to get less money on the paycheck. I remember Robin Roberts had an interview with a lady from upstate New York about why did she turn down a lady for her photography business the lady argued she was very upset with America that they passed gay rights and she felt that her religion is more important than her business. The lady even said the women who wished to have this job came to her house to confront how she felt about her reasoning which resulted the women getting attacked by her dog and gave the women for stitches to her neck. Robin Roberts has so much disgrace in her stomach that the women had no mercy about what she did to the young 24 year old women. So the 48 year old women lost a lot of business ever since this incident and now her neighbor lost respect for

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