Gchq Pros And Cons

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In 2006 was placed on a secret watchlist after making a film about the Iraq War. In the following years he was detained and interrogated at the US border dozens of times. This film is the third part of trilogy about America post 9/11. The NSA has built the largest store in the world to intercepted communications, also has built the world’s largest repository for intercepted communications in Bluffdale. Started filming the site in 2011 when construction began. NSA says that within the United States that is run by the FBI, if it were a foreign player in the United States the FBI would still have the initiative and could work with the NSA and other agencies within the United States would have to be through a court order. And the court would have to authorize it. NSA says "We're not allowed to do, or we do”. In 2006, …show more content…

One person say who knows the location of most of the national points of interception and can approve and say which of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States are betraying the truth of their clients or people. They also say they are building the greatest weapon of pressure, and can also approve the NSA Director Keith Alexander lied to Congress, billions of US communications are being intercepted.

GCHQ probably has the largest network interception program anywhere in the world and is called TEMPORA and is his first full interception of the world, and this includes additional content metadata throughout.

I believe in Snowden because for example he says is “Here sooner or later the public will come out at some point” This mean like the things that he says earlier the public knows, and I think if he says something and he knows all about it, is because he wants the best and he also says, that's none of his business, is a matter of all the public I says "I'm not afraid of you already know they will not intimidate me as they have done with all others and if more nobody will do it, I'll

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