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Cultural Assessment of General Electric
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Human Relations and Organizational Behavior
March 14, 2005

Cultural Assessment of General Electric The corporate culture of General Electric (GE) is a composite of its people, leadership, organization, structure, and processes from past to present. This paper will provide an assessment of the corporate culture of GE, and provide an insight into the dynamics, which have made it one of the world’s premier companies. The aspects of General Electric’s culture begin with its leadership, and progress through its management, workforce, policies, and objectives. GE leadership provides corporate direction with a formalized set of values and …show more content…

With the assistance and guidance of savvy leaders, who recognized his ability to lead and influence others, Welch progressed to the position of CEO, where he served from 1981 to 2001. Through this process, Welch elevated himself to one of the most influential business leaders in the world (Wikipedia, 2004). General Electric is a large company involved in a variety of products and services. One of their most memorable slogans is “Imagination at Work” (Van Camp, 2004). With the myriad of products and services that General Electric provides, this slogan gives you a peek into the GE culture. With such a creative machination, GE has continued to regenerate new ideas from its products and services strategy. In order to help leaders embrace this philosophy, all GE managers spend time at a place called the Croton-on-Hudson campus, or, Crotonville, for short. At Crotonville, the extensive training program is infused with informality, a key element put in place by Welch, that sets the pace for instilling the culture (Byrne, 1998). Each member of the organization’s management team is indoctrinated into the company’s culture. It is on the Crotonville campus that GE leaders are taught that everyone must do whatever it takes to produce. “…employing 340,000 worldwide does what it has always done best – cultivating strong leaders before they step into the spotlight. Succession planning is a key part

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