Ge External Environment

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The External Environment Remote Environment ƒÜ Economic: Today¡¦s mutually dependent global economy is creating new opportunities for growth¡Xand the corresponding challenges of managing that growth responsibly. In both instances, GE¡¦s size is an advantage. GE is solving big needs for countries that need the broad range of infrastructure, financing and healthcare that economic growth demands. GE is also solving big needs on behalf of the challenges that face all of us¡Xincluding access to clean water, limited natural resources and the need for more energy-efficient products and services. The future may be different. The engine of global economic growth has been the U.S. consumer, propelled by historically low interest…show more content…
ƒÜ Threat of Substitutes The threat of substitutes is vary. At GE Money and GE Commercial Finance is high. At GE Infrastructure is low. At financial segment, the competition is very strong. GE is late start at this segment, in the other words, GE is a follower. But at infrastructure segment, the threat is lot of smaller than financials threat. Because of GE is huge, GE is the few company which has multiple industry to performance at multiple performance. ƒÜ Industry Competitors GE¡¦s competitors are broad. Their top competitors are ALSTOM, ABB Ltd., Citigroup Inc., Hitachi Ltd., JP Morgan Chase & Co, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Scheneider Electric SA, Sony Corporation, and CIT Group Inc. The competitors for each industry are many. At finance industry, the competitors¡¦ power are very strong. But for infrastructure industry, the infrastructure companies as GE are some; the companies have this board industry structure as GE are
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