General Electric ( Ge ) Essay

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General Electric (GE), established in 1892, is an American based, diverse conglomerate. General Electric is common household name, as well as a renowned name in electric, oil, gas, power, renewable energy, aviation, transportation, and healthcare. In 2015, the Fortune 500 Company had over $117 billion in revenue. The company continues to expand, and even surpasses the yearly goals it sets for its self. As of 2015, GE has 10 research centers, employees over 3,000 engineers and PhD’s between these centers, and filed 3,100 new patents. In the healthcare arm, GE creates diagnostic imaging, clinical systems, and information technology products, as well as participating in drug discovery and other biopharmaceutical technologies. GE provides pivotal technology for healthcare and fuels the healthcare revolution. These healthcare advancements are used to develop healthcare facilities in third-world countries, as well as American healthcare (General Electric, 2016).
Level of Diversification GE is a very diverse conglomerate corporation. In fact, GE has 9 segments, which are not all directly interrelated: GE lighting and appliances, aviation, capital, energy management, healthcare, oil and gas, power, renewable energy, and transportation This has not proven to be a bad thing for GE, as it is very profitable.
However, sharing core competencies can become problematic between unrelated diversifications, or produce even more work. By transferring core competencies, a firm

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