Ryanair External Env. Analysis

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Contents 1.0 Introduction 1 2.0 Critical Issues Analysis 2 3.0 External Environment Analysis 2 3.1 Analysing the Macro Environment 2 3.1.1 PEST analysis 2 3.2 Industry Analysis 3 3.2.1 Five forces analysis 3 3.2.2 Porters Diamond Model 4 3.2.3 Strategic Group Analysis 4 3.2.4 Industry Life Cycle Analysis 5 3.2.5 Synthesis of External Factors (EFAS) 5 4.0 Internal Analysis 6 4.1 Value Chain Analysis 6 4.2 Internal Factors Analysis Summary (IFAS) 6 4.3 Ratio Analysis 7 5.0 External Environmental Evaluation 7 6.0 Internal Environmental Evaluation 8 6.1 Resources 9 6.2 Resources and Capabilities 9 6.3 SWOT Analysis 9 7.0 Conclusion 10 8.0 References 11 9.0…show more content…
In most industries, not all competitors are competing directly with each other. They are competing in different way by using different strategies or a different target market. But when closely examine each and every competitors in a particular industry, we can find some sort of similarities of their current strategies and target market. In fact its enable us to strategically group those competitors by concerning each competitors strategic dimensions (product or service, quality, geographic scope, etc). In analysing Ryanair industry environment, we can use this analysis tool as mentioned in Appendix 7. 3.2.4 Industry Life Cycle Analysis Industry life cycle is another main industry analysis tool which can use to identify particular organisation current status in related to other organisations. This is one of main aspect that any organisation should focus when developing strategies. In order to gain success in organisational operation it is important to change strategies according to industry life cycle. Therefore it is important to have a good understand about industry life cycle and the current life cycle stage, before implementing any new strategies. Industry life cycle analysis for Ryanair is mentioned in Appendix 8. 3.2.5 Synthesis of External Factors (EFAS) Synthesis of external factor analysis is another important analysis tool that we can use to analysis the external environment. According to this analysis strategic managers are able to organise
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