Gender And Gender Roles

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Socially Acceptable For as long as time can remember, a form of entertainment has existed. As times advance, a new and improved mode of entertainment is born. Entertainment and the media has been used and abused over the last century by the many hungry viewers. Medias have not prevailed for the mass amount of time that entertainment has, but the lasting impact the media created has been both positive and negative. However, the negative outshines the positive; media representations of gender and gender roles have a negative effect on men and women. It is true, of course, that today, men and women share equal roles: practicing as doctors, mechanics, stay at home parents, and in the army. But, a double standard for men and women prevails globally. This issue is largely in result of media representations of gender and gender roles. The media influences nearly every aspect of American’s lives and it is evident that the manner it portrays gender roles influence American’s opinions. From the very beginning of children’s extremely impressionable lives, they have been swayed to believe they should act a certain way, they should like certain things, and they should make decisions based upon gender (2017 The Odyssey Online). The following is a prime example of a double standard: Women must cook, clean, and tend to the children; men do yard work, fix cars, make money, and take on the role as the backbone of the household. The paparazzi captures a photo of an actress strolling down

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