Gender Bias In Music And The Effect On Society

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Music is a form of vocal and instrumental sounds combined to form beauty, harmony, and to express emotions. The paper I am writing is expressing the bias ways in music and the effects on society. In my paper, I will discuss how Little Richard was a victim of bias and how women and men were calling each other of their name. This crisis of bias in music have made society forget the reason behind music. Also, gender bias took a toll on hip-hop and this was a big problem.
Another thing I talked about is my opinion on things because I am a fan of music. I feel as though music has changed for the worst not just because of gender bias but the judgement based on what you listen to.

Does music in your favorite genre make you feel a certain way? Well, music can make you do that because it’s for entertainment and it’s a part of most cultures. A majority of people can say that music can have either a good or bad influence; it depends on your perspective of things. Music can make you feel alive even when you’re down and it can also get you excited. I remember a time when I was listening to music and I noticed the women would talk about men being no good and men talking about women being good for one thing. Then, I came to the realization that gender bias in music can affect the society because of the things that are said. So,
I asked myself ‘how does gender bias effect the society. So, I started doing research and found a majority call each other out their

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