Gender Bias in Education

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Gender bias has existed in education since the inception of schooling. According to the National Women’s History Museum (NWHM), during the 1700’s, women were denied access to secondary schooling, and were only given the most basic education deemed necessary to fulfill the “women’s duties” (NWHM 1). Research from the National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education (NCWGE) has shown that when Title IX was introduced in 1972, girls were able to participate in any state-funded activity, resulting in protest from those who believed gender bias did not exist (NCWGE 1). The opposition argued that girls are just different from boys, and incapable of doing the same things. The gender bias in schools across America, since the conception of schooling, has led to hardships and stereotypes faced by females in education and society. During the 1700’s, the education of women was basic. Some girls were taught how to read, strictly to read the Bible, and they were taught skills considered useful, like knitting, sewing, and other household duties. It was considered strange and undesirable for a woman to be well educated. As the 1800’s began, female academies began to be formed, which provided women with a similar education to men, teaching math, writing, reading, and history, but separate of the opposite gender. Heading into the 1900’s, African American women were finally Higgins 2 given a proper education, although separate of whites (NWHM 3). With the creation of Title IX in
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