Gender Discrimination Against Women

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Women discrimination is an issue because even though police society has accepted women’s position in the law enforcement, female officers still continue to face gender harassment. Sadly, sexual harassment and discrimination are the most common practiced gender inequalities in policing. Since the early years of women in policing, sexual harassment was not acknowledged as unacceptable or as criminal. There were no policies recognizing it as a problem. Consequently, female police officers were frequently encountered with verbal harassment that included vulgar language, ‘nasty’ jokes and innuendoes. This type of behavior not only made the victim uncomfortable, but also in some cases made her humiliated. Although there has been many measures taken to diminish sexual harassment and gender discrimination against women in policing the issue still remains evident.
Law enforcement regulations recognize three categories of sexual harassment. First, hostile environment harassment can be defined as “unwelcome sexual behavior that interferences with an employee’s ability to perform his or her work”. For instance, sexual comments, touching, or requests for sexual favors are examples of such hostile environment persecution. Elizabeth Doran in her article, “Female Manlius Police Officer Charges Workplace Harassment, Discrimination”, describes a Manlius, NY police officer, Kerry Wolongevicz, who filed a formal complaint alleging sexual harassment, hostile work environment and discrimination

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