Gender Discrimination In Society

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Gender discrimination. Everyday, everywhere. We’ve all gone through it. But the real question is….. Which gender is discriminated against more? I for one believe that females face more gender discrimination than males do. Gender inequality is defined as perceptions of individuals due to their gender and judgements or expectations based on what society deems ‘appropriate’ for their gender. I will admit. Males are also discriminated against. But not as strongly as females. In our society, we constantly hear phrases that corrupt our expectations of women. Phrases that manipulate us to believe that there is only one gender and one gender only that is strongly discriminated against. Today, in our generation, in our community, in our society, that may as well be true.

Men aren’t considered equal to women, and women are DEFINITELY not considered equal to men. In the past, if a woman pursued a career in engineering, not only would she be judged by society, but also by her family that she is not fit for the occupation of an engineer, because she was not a man. If a man pursued nursing as a career, he would be considered an unsuccessful doctor. This was because society classified it as a woman’s job. Luckily for us, the 21st Century has evolved from such expectations. On occasion, men are given equal opportunities to women. Emma Watson is a role model in the eyes of many people, including my own. At the UN campaign “HeforShe” she spoke about gender equality. She recited her own

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