Gender Identity Research Paper

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When it comes to gender identity, I identify myself as a masculine or a man. As a masculine I’m going to play the role of a female where I would go to a neighborhood close to where I live, wear a wedding dress, and see how people around the block reacting to my kind of behavior. Base of my moral norm, I think it would be shameful, and I expect people to feel disgusting by it because that’s how I would feel if I were the public. As we all know when it comes to the behaviors between men and women, there is a lot of thing women can do but man can’t do because if a man does it, it would look weird or shock the society. For instance, throughout the weekend I was thinking about an experiment to see what exactly a woman can do which would be normal,…show more content…
Therefore, I borrowed my sister's long-time wedding dress and decide to wear it, and walk down the street with it for approximately ten minutes. Honestly, it was a shameful moment as I thought it would be, but despite that I learn something from it. The people who saw me walking down the street in that wedding dress were so shock like they could not believe it. Others even give a facial expression like they were wondering what the hell is going on. People like Arena be like, “boy where are you going with that nonsense.” That is to show, how emulating it was to behave in such way. Anyways, I hope I will never have to do this again because it was very uncomfortable. I think it is better for a woman to play a man’s role than it is for a man to play a woman’s role. Nevertheless, after the experiment, I approach some people and ask for their opinion, such as what was the first thing that comes to mind when they first seeing me in that wedding dress. Some say, they thought I was a gay man who was about to get married, many say, they thought I had lost my mind. Meanwhile, others also say that they would most like expecting to see a woman walking down the street in her wedding dress, but not a man. In fact, that was disturbing and
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