Gender Inequality : A Good Understanding Of The Social Inequality Essay

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As a female college student I feel the necessity to have a good understanding of the social inequalities around me. Although, women have socially grown with more power over the years, it is not enough to equalize with the men. For example, the pay gap difference between men and women for not having the “testosterone bonus” even though the same education and qualifications are present. I hope that over time I will be able to experience a change and have the same equal rights as men because I feel that I have deserved it. I plan on having the same education and experience necessary to be fairly judged for a job. The gender inequality is important to know and to change for the future.
Gender inequality is important to notice for a global change. The United States of America (USA) has its gender inequalities but may be viewed to be appropriate in comparison to other countries such Yamen, Pakistan, and Syria. In most of these countries, women are not even allowed to walk around without a man present. Gender inequality is present around the world and not only in the USA. Gender inequality is important to understand and changes is can make a difference in our global power Is ruled.
The origin of gender inequality began in early history as the women would be slower to move, and could not stay away from camp as much as men could. Women had to carry their children and care for their needs. Because of this woman began to associate their task to be at home or with child care creating

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