Gender Inequality Across The World

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Assignment 3 – “Egyptian Women” NMC101H1 Instructor: Prof. K. Goebs TA: Aleksandra Ksiezak Parham Oghabi #999506413 November 22nd, 2014 Living in the twenty-first century and still witnessing gender inequality across the world is a major issue and concern during our period. Consequently, it is fascinating to try to discover the complex development of gender inequality over three thousand years before the beginning of the Common Era by learning how ancient Egyptian women were treated and their status in society. The role of women in ancient Egypt has many facets, such as a mother who is clearly valued in society as we can see from the Instructions to Ani and Ptahhotep (AEL I, 69). Women were treated better than others in neighboring regions through acts such as the institution of queenship and the ability to trade assets and own properties (Capel and Markoc, 1997: 177). Despite women’s highly developed nature and traits, her role in society is not always depicted in a positive light and not everyone was for gender equality. This results in the negative portrayal of women and exposes the superiority of men over women in society. Analyzing the artistic portrayal of women in both literature (AEL II, 203-11) and paintings and the role of elite and common folk women in society supports these assertions. Further evidences comprise of the fact that most names of female rulers were not recorded on king lists (Van de Miroop, 2011: 174). Specifically, three questions and
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