Gender Inequality : Gender And Gender

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Their biological aspects exclusively distinguish males and Females; genetically, females have two X chromosomes while males have an X and Y chromosome. These biological differences are what divide the human population into males and females. Unfortunately humankind has the mind set that there’s something “natural” about gender distinction because biology makes one sex different from the other. What they don’t know is gender is the personal traits and social positions that members of a society attach to being female or male. Gender is not a trait we are born with, rather it is a “brand” to which we are labeled with. It refers to the psychological, social, cultural, and behavioral characteristics that are being associated with being a female or male. Gender involves hierarchy, ranking men and women unfairly in terms of power, wealth, and other resources. Although men and women have became more equal in today’s time, Turkey still faces unequal complications regarding gender relations; the lives of Turkish males and females are being shaped in their choice of careers, in the household, and their individual behaviors.

When you think of Turkey you may think that the status of women is “worse” or “better” than your home country. It definitely is different but somewhat neutral. In some ways you may see that women are subservient to men; but turkey did have a female supreme court justice long before the USA did, and Turkey has had a female head of government,…
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