Gender Inequality : Sports And Sports

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Humberto Lamas 6/10/16 Professor Callaci Eng 1A Gender Inequality in Sports It is now 2016 and sports play an enormous part in the U.S. culture. According to Youth Sports Statistics 36,000,000 kids aged 5-18 take play organized sports each year. Sports will continue to grow especially because of today’s advancements in technology. From the first Olympic games to 2016 a whole lot has changed in the world of sports. Not only has sports vastly changed but so have social norms around the United States. With that being said in the 1800s it was socially unacceptable for a woman to partake in a “mans sport.” A “mans sport” would be anything characterized from football, hockey, baseball, essentially anything involving vigorous physical activity. Nowadays many women are playing the prototypical “man sport,” however the discrimination against women still exists in manners that are less obvious. There are very few women’s leagues for a “man” sport. Although women’s leagues for a “man” sport do exist they are far less respected and are no where near as recognized as the men leagues. Women continue to be looked down upon whenever they show the interest in playing a man sport and this should never be the case. Women aren’t the only gender that is looked down upon, men also get this same treatment. Men are stereotyped as gay if they take part in a “woman” sport. Mostly all stereotypes around sports come from sexuality. Although the acceptance of athletes playing an untraditional sport
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