Gender Roles And Gender Inequality

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A gender role is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “the role or behavior learned by a person as appropriate to their gender, determined by the prevailing cultural norms.” For generations, this confining social construct has dictated how people from both main genders should act and think, keeping them from reaching their full potentials. Though we have made progress over the years, these sexist mindsets are still embedded into the hearts of many today. I am here to point out the negative consequences brought about by gender roles and gender inequality and how they affect mental and emotional health, cause a less accepting world, and prohibit our societies, both western and eastern, from fully advancing. It is often believed that the main victim of gender roles are females, and though this was true for the majority of our history, males are increasingly becoming discriminated against by gender roles as well. Because you are male, you cannot publicly enjoy colors associated with femininity or else western society sees you as less of a man. Because you are male, you have some unspoken obligation to earn more than your female spouse. And because you are male you are taught from a young age to suppress your feelings. Males are becoming more victimized by gender roles, however that does not in anyway mean that gender roles do not still affect women. Because you are female, you automatically have to take more care of your appearance or society makes you feel unattractive. Because
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